Terms and Conditions

SSY Engine is designed for ophthalmologists treating patients with open angle glaucoma.

  • SSY Engine will provide simulations of future rate of progression (RoP) based on: the observed RoP and past and future intraocular pressure (IOP) levels in patients with open angle glaucoma. For an explanation of the calculations, see the {{$rootScope}} Theoretical frameworkTheoretical framework section. Please note, the calculations are estimates and should not replace other relevant information for the patient.
  • Use of SSY Engine is free of charge.
  • Patient data is not stored in SSY Engine.
  • SSY Engine follows the ethical rules for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Careful Applications Sweden AB guarantees that the app fulfills applicable requirements in the Medical Devices Act (1993:584) and the Swedish Medical Products Agency Regulations LVFS 2003:11 on Medical Devices.

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