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If you have any questions, have identified technical problems or difficulties in using SSY Engine, please contact the manufacturer at:

For help in using SSY Engine, please refer to the User guide.

Terms and Conditions

SSY Engine is designed for ophthalmologists treating patients with open angle glaucoma.

  • SSY Engine will provide simulations of future rate of progression (RoP) based on: the observed RoP and past and future intraocular pressure (IOP) levels in patients with open angle glaucoma. For an explanation of the calculations, see the Theoretical frameworkTheoretical framework section. Please note, the calculations are estimates and should not replace other relevant information for the patient.
  • Use of SSY Engine is free of charge.
  • Patient data is not stored in SSY Engine.
  • SSY Engine follows the ethical rules for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Careful Applications Sweden AB guarantees that the app fulfills applicable requirements in the Medical Devices Act (1993:584) and the Swedish Medical Products Agency Regulations LVFS 2003:11 on Medical Devices.

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